Tuesday, April 6, 2010

For real? Chocolate Formula?

That's right, a new formula is on the market folks. This time, it's chocolate formula. Don't believe me?

One of the saddest parts is the one review who says that it's a great product for newborns. YUCK!

Formula is sometimes needed and I'm not even going to get into the long list of reasons why you should nurse today, today I'm just going to talk about this disgusting formula.

Frankly, it's just wrong. The idea of toddler formula isn't a bad one, especially from the standpoint of Enfamil. It can also lend argument for extended nursing of a toddler. Toddlers are often picky eaters. But, why are they picky eaters? Why are so many young children only eating crap food, food like mac and cheese, chicken nuggets and french fries?

Why? It's because we give them tasteless, bland food. Have you ever tried baby food? Nasty. Every child I know who ate from their parents plates continue to eat what their parents make. Of course, if you're going to feed your child off of your plate, you should take safety precautions and you should make sure that you're eating healthy food.

And why will kids only drink chocolate milk and juice? Why will they not drink any water? It's because we start giving them juice in a bottle! Babies don't need juice! My daughter did not have juice until she was two. She's three and a half now and although she asks for juice first and foremost, she will drink water if she exhausts her other options of milk and apple juice. And that apple juice? Yeah, that's about 8 ounces of water with a splash of apple juice. And, we won't even get into the number of children that demand soda. Soda, demanded from a two year old! My husband's cousin had his two kids one day and she whined for about two minutes before he gave it to her. I said "C, what are you doing? She doesn't need soda, she's two!" to which he responded "it's easier to just give it to her. You'll understand when you have kids". Hey, cousin C, I still don't understand. There's no reason to give your two year old a soda. None. Sure, there is the occasional child who will grab a soda can or a glass, but we're talking about deliberately giving your child a soda.

Chocolate milk? Yeah, the first time my child had chocolate milk was in preschool. This is the same preschool, that when I protested about bad snacks and suggested fruits and vegetables, I was told that the teacher buys healthy things like Ritz crackers and saltines because she has to find things that all the kids would like. My daughter asked for white milk and was told they don't have any.

For me to think of chocolate formula is insane! What are we setting our kids up for when we have these products being pushed at us? And if you think they aren't being pushed, think again. Enfamil, and all the formula companies, do an awesome job of pushing formula on moms. My husbands cousins were amazed by how much free formula the formula companies sent me versus them. Well, the very simple explanation is, I was a breastfeeder and they were formula feeders. They wanted me to wean early to have to rely on formula. They already had them in their pockets.

Now, back to our chocolate formula. Our obesity rates continue to climb. More kids are now obese than ever before. Kids don't know what vegetables are. Kids won't eat vegetables. Kids are drinking juice, soda, etc out of baby bottles and then sippy cups. And now, enter chocolate formula. What a recipe for disaster.

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