Sunday, February 21, 2010

more on jeans...

Yay! I found jeans! I browsed around Lane Bryant's website and then was able to swing out to North Olmsted after Mass today. Sean sat in the car with the kids while I ran in.

When I went in someone asked me if I needed help and I replied that I was just looking for jeans. Quickly glancing around I notice that they are all distressed, otherwise known as full of holes. For real? The sales woman tells me that they have some great styles, blah, blah, blah. I smile and nod my head and then ask the young whippersnapper for the jeans without holes in them, telling her I tear them easy enough myself, but I'm looking for something more age appropriate without holes in them. She laughs with me and then tells me that they're mainly all distressed, but they have a few left of the ones without the distressing, but that it's slim pickings as they won't be getting another shipment of the Right Fit jeans until July. Yikes! I go over to the one stack of the blue (that would be blue for curvy) and discover that they do not have the size that the online sizing chart tells me that I'll need. So, I grab some that are two sizes smaller than the online chart tells me that I'll need. I also found a few more pairs within the clearance racks, one of which was just one size too big. The sizing chart online runs WAY big, so I'm glad that I went in.

I venture back to the fitting room and I put the one size smaller pants on and um, HUGE. Hey, that's a nice feeling! Then I put on the first pair that are on clearance that are two sizes smaller. A bit loose, but not bad. But they're LONG. I mean, they were marked long, but me being 5'7" you'd think that they wouldn't be super long. Um, wrong. They're about a foot too long. I try on the other pair that are two sizes smaller but a different style. They also fit nicely except for the length. I take both of the two sizes smaller out and have the sales clerk tell me how much they'll be (one is on clearance). That's where I find out that the other pair is also on sale. It's really like getting two for the price of one! So, I bought both, despite knowing I'm going to have to bring out my broken sewing machine. Or maybe I'll have to run over to my mil's house if my sewing machine won't work.

Oh, and not only are there some crazy distressed jeans and some bleach stained jeans, there are gasp.....zippered ankle jeans. For real! The pair I saw in store were much lighter, very reminiscent of 1988.


Amy Jo said...

oh man... I can't do zippered jeans or button down fly jeans. Way too much of a hassle! Glad you found some at a good price. Such a good feeling, huh?

Anonymous said...

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