Sunday, April 25, 2010

A review...

So, life is really exciting around here! We were recently in need of a new vacuum as ours just wasn't doing a great job. While shopping at Target (you know, the place you go for q-tips and walk out spending $100?) we happened upon the vacuum aisle. Sean started checking out the various models, I lovingly stroked the sides of some Dyson's and I thought we would be on our way, but Sean insisted I look at his new favorite vacuum, the Hoover Wind Tunnel Rewind. After I looked at it a bit, I noticed that it was on sale, marked down to $99 from $149. I was sold as that was my price limit on a new vacuum.

It's very cool! The cord rewinds automatically when you press a button. I know many who hate winding the cord will enjoy this feature. In addition, it has all sorts of cool little gizmos and gadgets on it. But perhaps my favorite feature is that it has a washable liftetime hepa filter. You have to let it dry for 24 hours, but still, washable! Our last vacuum had a filter that cost almost as much as the vacuum itself. We never replaced it.

Finally, the first time I vacuumed with it, it wasn't a particularly bad day at our household. If you have kids, you likely know what I mean, some days are way worse than others in the vacuuming department. This was a typical day for us and yet it filled half of the canister. I think it was picking up stuff that the old vacuum had left behind. Now, to understand our carpeting situation, we have one room of carpet - the dining room. The worst possible room ever for carpeting (it will be getting yanked out soon and the hardwood's redone) and then the living room has a very big area rug in it. I love that this vacuum can go on the plush dining room carpet, the bare floors and the low pile area rug without adjusting the settings.

I'm very pleased with the money that we spent on this vacuum. We've had it a few weeks and I still love it. :)

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casacaudill said...

It's crazy what a difference a good vacuum makes. I was so disgusted the first time we pulled out the Dyson and saw how much shit was left behind from the old one. So gross.