Tuesday, November 3, 2009

Day 3 - check

I voted today - did you?

Hoping that the things I voted for pass, but I'm worried about Issue 2 - needs to go NO! I worry that it's going to hurt the small farmers, even though big ag wrapped it up with a nice bow. :(

Missed two on my lab quiz. Not entirely happy, as I prefer to get 100s, but I guess I should be happy with a 94%. :P

Looking forward to hearing more election results and have been desperately searching for my popcorn pan as I'm craving some fresh popped popcorn.

DH installed a shelf by his desk and has been slacking on installing mine. MIL said that FIL would do it on Friday when they watch the kids, so I keep throwing that out there for DH. ;) I'm hopeful that it'll be done before Friday as that would go a LONG way to clearing off my desk.

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