Friday, November 28, 2008

Recent fabric purchases

All washed, dryed, ironed and ready to sew!

$1.49 flannel from JAs Black Friday sale - planning on dresses for Nora, as well as little pants for Josh out of the owl fabric. I had one yard cut and then changed my mind and got another yard cut because it's just too stinking cute.

$1-$3 Red Tag Fabrics - some of which I even got for 1/2 off a few weeks ago at a sale.

These are from the remnant bin. All of them were close to a yard of fabric. Two are cute, cute, cute, and the others are good for contrasting fabrics.

The fabric on the left - I thought was adorable, and only $2 per yard! The middle two fabrics are more Red Tag fabric - maybe a reversible apron? Lastly, you've seen the fabric on the right before - in the apron that I kept for myself. My friend Carrie commented that she thought it was cute fabric and I'm making up a mommy and me apron set for her and her DD, so I bought some more of this today. It's $4 per yard in the Red Tag fabric. I got the original round for my apron for 1/2 off - wish I would have bought more that day! It was almost a solid bolt before, but apparently, more than just myself liked it. :)


Jill Scott said...

Very pretty fabrics. I especially love that paisley pattern, it's gorgeous!

Jen Sue Wild said...

Look at all those fun yummy fabrics.. I cant wait to see what you create.

Youbeyondme said...

I LOVE LOVE LOVE the first picture the pink polka dotted one. Hmm...would make a great apron for a friend that is basically family (hint hint)

Jennylou's Projects said...

Monica, sorry, that's flannel. It's going to make Nora a great dress though. :)

Youbeyondme said...

Well shoot! I love those colors!