Tuesday, November 18, 2008

Amy Butler's In Stitches - apron & a big name pattern

I decided, after repeatedly looking through the In Stitches book over and over again that I would make the apron. I was excited because I usually just cut freehand for my aprons and often times spend extra time in the end because the fabric is not straight. I went into the pocket of patterns and started looking. Not there. Hmmm. Flip to the page of directions. Oy vey - measure and trace? So, I started it. Despite spending several hours working on it, I didn't get too far.

I didn't get much further before I went to JoAnn's and bought more fabric (hey, it was on sale and I had a coupon) and a big name apron pattern. Later that night I went to my craft room in the basement to see what I was going to start on. I looked at the Amy Butler book. And then I looked at my pattern I'd bought. I cut the pattern and started on that. I must say that I didn't really follow the instructions for the apron, but I used the pattern pieces (though, next time it's going to be shortened a bit).

The next day, at nap time, I again ventured to the basement. I looked again at the In Stitches book and my half cut fabric and at the big name pattern. I went with the big name pattern. Cut it out. Read the instructions - oy vey, were they complicated. Changed them up a bit and got to work. Okay, so I pretty much have not followed any of the instructions on this apron - but I'll likely use the pattern for several different types of aprons - it's nice to have the printed piece. On this particular apron, it calls for gathering, but I might go ahead and make some boxy pleats instead.

And, the In Stitches apron that I started? Still sitting there and likely will for some time. Why? It's hard for me to draw a straight line, that's why. I think I'll stick with my free hand, but use the apron ties from the big name pattern.

That said, the other patterns look great and the instructions seem so much simpler than the big name patterns. I wish she had just included the squares - I can't draw a straight line - even with a ruler! I am going to be trying the checkbook cluthch soon - though, it seems a bit daunting to me I think it would be a great accessory for me. Although, I probably have to draw a few straight lines for that one too.

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