Wednesday, November 5, 2008

November sewing

Yes, I have been sewing. I usually sew during naps and after bed time. I did not sew on Sunday, I was too exhausted from the rally.

I got back to work though. :)

I have finished two of three crayon roll ups for Becky:
And then I got started on my fancy holiday hostess apron swap. The swap host had encouraged using old prom dresses. I had two fabrics (re-using fancy clothes) that were fancy and could fit the holiday criteria, a beautiful brown (Thanksgiving) and maroon (Christmas). But, I was waiting to see what my swap partner listed on her likes. Turns out, she's a Thanksgiving lover. Now, we don't have to mail until almost Thanksgiving, but since she likes it so much and since I was going with that in my color choices, I thought that I should get busy so that I could send it in time to use for Thanksgiving. Since it's a fancy swap, I didn't use fabrics that were themed - those seem more casual to me. Anyways, here's what I came up with:
It doesn't really pop on camera. It ties on the side, as you can tell. It has two ruffles on the bottom and it has a pocket. Here's a close up of the pocket and the pinwheels that are on either side:

It seems rather blah in the picture and I certainly don't want to send out a blah apron. But, it's a fancy holiday apron swap - I was thinking simple was more fancy. So, what do you think? Does it need more bling? Lace? Accessories? Color?

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Anonymous said...

What about some sort of blind on the pinwheel? Maybe a little brooch or something where it comes together in the center? A fancy button?