Wednesday, November 19, 2008

More apron sewing

I used this pattern, view B.

I wish I could say it was as easy to make as they claim. In fact, the instructions were just bad. Or maybe they weren't - maybe it's just because I have a two year old and an 8 week old and well, I'm tired. In any case, I still think the apron is too long - and because the apron pocket is essentially the same size, it makes for a very deep pocket. I think it would be a great house cleaning apron. You know, for when you're picking things up in the living room that belong in the bathroom, kitchen, and various bedrooms? Right, just put it all in there instead of running back and forth between the rooms over and over.

I did do a few alterations to it. First, I'm not sure who in their right mind thought that you could sew the pieces together - as in, lay the pieces out the way they'll be seen and sew them up. Then turn and fold to create a hem. Um, on the round? Not as easy to do as on a square. On the round and I would have been cursing for hours - the time it would have taken me to sew the hem. So, I did what any lazy lady would do. I pulled out the bias tape and used that. :)

Once it was all put together, those pockets just sort of flopped out and did not look like the picture. Since they're the same size, once you gather the top, well, floppiness ensues. So, I did a little pleat in each pocket.

On the waistband, I used a decorative stitch. Mainly, because I wanted to make sure that the folded over part of the waistband (per the instructions) that had the unfinished edge would catch underneath, so that it wouldn't unfold and start to unravel the fabric. It did not match up where I would have put a straight line - either slightly above the seam or on the seam of the waistband, but rather below it. Which makes sense in a way, since the idea was to make sure that the seam of the waistband was also within the waistband so that that fabric would not unravel and it would not need to be zig zagged. If I had a serger, I'd probably serge all the edges and worry about this less. Even still, the decorative stitch makes it look rather vintage, IMO.

Finally, I left out the lace. I'm more of a no fuss, no muss girl. Plus, if I don't sell this? It'll become a gift, and well, most of the women I know? They're the same way.

Without further ado, here is my version (sorry for the blurry picture - I need a form so that I do not have to take pictures of myself in the mirror):


Beth said...

I used this same pattern and had the same problem. I told my swap partner she could put small dogs in her pockets - the things are huge! I sewed buttons to keep the pockets somewhat closed. Glad it wasn't only me that had a problem! Beth

Jennylou's Projects said...

Beth - glad I'm not the only one with this issue! Thanks for stopping by. :)

Jill Scott said...

Very, very cute. Your aprons are so gorgeous, I would be afraid to cook in them.