Thursday, August 28, 2008

The Magic of spray paint

We did a bathroom remodel back in May. Well, we've been working on this bathroom for awhile, but the final few things finally got done - new sink/vanity, new toilet, tile for the floor. My dear SIL gave us a $200 Home Depot gift card for Christmas, which helped fund much of the project (we had the tile already). Anyways, at the end, I was still stuck with this ugly:

Pretty bad, eh? The lamps don't work, but are there. My DH broke one of the shades when he was ripping out the old flooring. So, a can of white spray can later and we now have this:

A great improvement for sure! I will need to buy two new shades for the lights, but I'm pretty happy with the outcome - all for under $2! As a bonus, you can see (in the mirror) the lovely tile shower surround that my DH installed nearly two years ago. The floors match that tile. What you can't see is the pink tub, lol. It's a garden tub, so it will be going no where, but the whole bathroom is such an improvement I pretty much don't even notice the pink tub anymore. And let's face it, the pink sink was much, much worse.


casacaudill said...

have you posted the whole room yet?

Joy said...

Oh the wonders of spray paint! You made your tired old mirror look fresh and pretty.
If the lights don't work you could turn it into a Pottery Barn type mirror by inserting candles into the fixture instead of lights. Just be sure to disconnect the electricity to it first!
Thanks for coming to the party and showing off your mirror makeover.