Tuesday, August 19, 2008

The county fair

I love going to the county fair. When Nora was just a few weeks old we took her to the fair. Last year, we missed it as we were in CA. So, this year, it was on!

Nora had a ton of fun. She loved looking at all the animals. She sure did poop out though. We thought she would fall asleep in the truck on the way home, but she didn't. Then, we thought she would fall asleep if all of us laid down in our room. That sure didn't work. She watched Sesame Street, Sean slept and I got stepped all over while trying to do a suduko puzzle. Finally, around 6:30, after she had stepped on my belly one too many times, we put her in time out in her bedroom. A few minutes later, Sean went in to get her and came out and said he thought she was pretending to sleep. I walk in there. Um, no, she's passed out. I knew my little girl was tired.

Here are a few pictures of the day:
This is her I eat ketchup photo - Nora enjoyed the fair food - a real treat for her to eat such crap (said in the most affectionate of ways, who doesn't like fair food!?!).

Yay for ducks that say "quack, quack":

HUGE pumpkins:

And finally, an odd looking pumpkin, and yes, apparently you do get a first place ribbon for such an odd looking thing:

So, we're all stocked up on rulers, pens and pencils for the next year. My score of the day was a pencil sharpener, since apparently, I don't have one of those at home - but have tons of unsharpened pencils. Sean was very thankful for the stroller. He remarked more than once how nice it was to have a basket to put all the crap. And cup holders to put our drinks. I know, I know - I have no idea what I'll do when we're out of the stroller phase. It's definitely a great thing to have when you go to the mall - where else are you to put coats in the winter and shopping bags?

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