Thursday, June 14, 2007

Reconditioned pants and shirt

When I was pregnant with my daughter, I bought these jeans on the clearance rack at Target. I took the time to take out the waistband, bought material to convert them into maternity jeans. And then, my sewing machine acted up, I got distracted and low and behold, my daughter is now ten months old and I'm getting back into my sewing pile.

I figured I might as well do something with them, as I'm sick of coming across them in my tub of material. Only, long ago I used the knit fabric intended for the waistband. So, what else could I use? And, then, it hit me. How about an old t-shirt? Well, not a t-shirt, but rather a fitted shirt of t-shirt material. So, I went ahead and took that shirt and cut away.

Then, I sewed up the fly where the zipper used to be. Once I was done with that, I lined up the right amount of t-shirt fabric that will hopefully cover a pregnant belly in the future.

And, there's certainly plenty of room for a growing belly to stretch out the t-shirt fabric. I'll have to pick up more clearanced out jeans before my next pregnancy. Then, I'll pair it with super cute old shirts to end up with a one of a kind pair of maternity jeans.

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