Tuesday, June 12, 2007


This is our second year having a garden. The first year, we learned a lot. Like, start your plants early inside, because sometimes you can't get them in until June because of non stop rain. And when you get tomato plants in the ground in June, you don't actually get to enjoy them until the end of summer/beginning of fall.

With that in mind, our entire garden is flourishing this year. DH wanted to use plastic to keep the weeds to a minimum and fertilizer. I let him use the plastic but told him to keep the fertilizer for the flowers. I'm hoping to set up a compost bin soon, so that next year, we'll have that to use in both our garden and our flowers.

Our tomatoes seem to be doing really well. We already have little flower buds on them, so we should start seeing little tomatoes any day now. Our green and red peppers are doing great as well. And the onions? Flourishing!

Our carrots and celery seem to be emerging. They were the only thing that we didn't plant ahead of time. We had good luck with carrots last year in this way. This is the first shot at celery for us.

We decided not to do green beans and lettuce this year since we had a bit of trouble with them last year. Trouble as in - something else ate them.

We also have some squash, watermelon and canteloupe that we just transplanted, hopefully, it will take off soon.

I can't wait until we can start eating from our garden - it'll be nice not to spend so much money at the grocery store on fresh vegetables.

We didn't plant any corn - DH says it takes up way too much space. Instead, we'll hit the farmer's stands when we want some corn.


casacaudill said...

That all looks great! Definitely keep us updated on progress. This year I've planted a couple of varieties of heirloom tomatoes, swiss chard, two types of spicy peppers, and blue lake beans. So far nothing has died, so this is encouraging. I didn't get around to planting carrots, though I would have loved to. If I do them from seed, when do you think they'd sprout if I did it this weekend?

Jennylou's Projects said...

Carrots sprout in about two weeks.

Our tomatoes are doing pretty well right now. :) We did plant a few more and they aren't transferring well (planted inside first). So, since I think they're dead, we'll probably buy some plants that are already growing and transfer those. :p It's cheating, but I'd rather cheat than not have anything there, kwim?

We have several different kinds of tomatoes - including beefsteaks.