Saturday, June 2, 2007

Recent Sewing Projects

I learned to sew in high school. I was a Senior and needed very few credits to graduate. But, I was also the Editor in Chief of the newspaper, and needed to be in newspaper class in the afternoon, so I couldn't do the early dismissal option. So, I took a whole lot of fluff, filler classes. I took beginning sewing the first semester (along with Home Cooking, Beginning Foods - are you seeing the home ec theme?) and the next semester I took advanced sewing. I enjoyed myself immensley and bought myself a cheap singer machine to continue with my new found passion. These days, I'm sewing on a bit more of a complex Kenmore machine, that truthfully, baffles me at times with all of the stitch functions available. And, I lust after embroidery machines.

I've been sewing some skirts for my sister recently, here is one skirt and one shirt for her (which I still need to add the straps to).

This one would probably look a whole lot better if I took the time to press it, but since it's going into a box to be shipped across the United States I skipped that step. ;)

So, those are my very recent projects.

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