Wednesday, February 17, 2010

Time Warner Cable

Recently, we got a bill from Time Warner Cable that drastically increased our monthly bill. From $106 to $131 per month. That's for basic digital cable, DVR and high speed internet. I called and was told that I was on a promotion package and it's done. The best that they can do is take my bill to $117.84 (before taxes). I told them that I was considering other options. They didn't care. I guess that they'd rather no money from me than the same amount? Unfortunately, I called AT&T and Verizon, neither of them are in our service area. Which means, we're stuck with TWC if we want the joy of high speed internet. What's that? There's DSL? Um, yeah, which is rather like dial up. Been there, done that and we went back to cable.

Unfortunately, with Sean being laid off, we can't exactly afford the increase - either one. I mean, we justified cable right now because it's pretty much our only form of entertainment. The cable internet is easy to justify, I'm taking so many online classes that if we didn't have cable internet, I wouldn't be able to watch the streaming lectures, so I would have to go to campus to take classes. Going to campus = more $ for the sitter. Needless to say, the internet is cheaper than the sitter. ;)

So, we can:
1) Go with the local phone company and get a phone, DSL and satellite dish. It's about what we pay now. The cons are that the DSL is way slower than the cable internet and we'd get next to no channels. I mean, no Bravo? Adding more channels would put us more than we're paying now, which isn't an option (at least not combined with the slow internet).
2) Cancel the cable and DVR and just have the internet. We can watch shows on various websites (abc, cbs, nbc) or on We'd also get the converter box to pick up the local channels and PBS. The internet price would got up, but we would still save about $30 per month this way. Cons - no DVR! I love having a DVR. No Nick Jr. Which means we'd need to buy a new DVD player (thanks to the kids, it's broke) and buy more DVDs to keep the kids company for 20 minutes here and there while I get things done.
3) Suck it up, lock into the 2 year rate of $117.84 plus taxes.

I'm thinking. If it was soley my decision, the cable would already be gone, even though I'll miss shows like House Hunters.


casacaudill said...

What about one of those Sprint or Verizon Wi-Fi boosters? Not sure that's an option but I see people with them all the time on public transportation.

We've recently gone back to Netflix and with the exception of Bravo and HGTV, everything we watch has been a DVD. I'm kind of even thinking that I could do without HBO since the only show I really love is True Blood and it's not on until forever from now.

chacha said...

It's a ridiculous monopoly. I've been doing the same thing, trying to figure out a way to cut costs on cable/phone/internet (we have Cox). Basically, whenever I get around to it (b/c it's in my husband's name) I'm going to drop AT&T land-line (b/c it went from 19.50 to 22 for basically nothing), and get the cable company phone. Should save us maybe $10 per month - but hey, 10 bucks is 10 bucks.

And why is DVR service so damn expensive?

KipperKnitter said...

TWC is SOOOOO FRUSTRATING! And so expensive! I live in the Kansas City area so have access to ATT and another company but our apartment complex provides the basic cable through TWC so our internet and phone has to be through them. I agree---they would rather not get any of my money vs trying to cut me a better deal.

I love your blog postings---very entertaining!!! Have a good day!