Wednesday, February 17, 2010


My favorite pair of jeans bit the bullet recently. They wore out in the thigh area. At first, I patched, like any good seamstress would. I matched the thread to the color of the jeans and patched on the inside. You couldn't tell. I was thrilled. But then two more spots popped up. Now, it wasn't like these jeans were tight - they fit perfectly. I knew that they were destined to rip when I bought them, back in October. I knew because the material was just too soft. But, at $8, who was really going to complain about a pair of jeans that fit. And why did these jeans fit so well? They fit because they had a built in elastic in the waistband. You know, like the one for your kids? Pull the elastic on the inside and put it through the button hole? Yeah, like that. Well, I get horrible back gap in most pants, no matter my size. My hips are large and my stomach is smaller. It's not exactly hour glass right now, but when I'm smaller, that's what I'd call myself. Right now, yeah, not so much.

Anyways, so the jeans were patched again. When two more spots popped up I knew that it was over. The middle portion of the jeans were practically a patch job now and the material was just breaking down everywhere. I have several pair of jeans that fit, but none that are comfortable. One the waist comes up too high. Another is just a smidge tight in the thighs, etc.

Last week, I decided to make a quick trip into the mall on my way to class. AKA = time without the kids. So, I walked in by the store I knew wouldn't fail me - only, Lane Bryant did fail me. Why? Because they closed the store! This particular mall is slowly dying and now my favorite store was gone. How come I wasn't warned? Why didn't someone call me to tell me that they were closing? Surely there were some great sales that I could have scored some good deals at! Alas, no one called and I was sad, but decided to trudge on. I went into Sears (my now retired jeans were bought at Sears) and JcPenney. Why is it that the pants that they sell are only granny style or cut so low that they don't cover my crack?

Hello, designers? I'm talking to you. Yes, I'm a plus sized woman, but I do not want to feel like I'm 70, when I'm only 30. And designers? I'm 30, I have no desire to show my crack. Her's a good litmus test for you - when you design a pair of pants, ask yourself, if a mom was wearing these, can she bend over and pick a small child up without showing off her crack? If so, you've got a winner. Oh, and one more thing, not all of us like jeans that are cut slim in the hip. So, maybe have more than bootcut - slim in the thigh available. Mmmmkay? Thanks.

I'm going to venture to the bigger mall in the next county over soon to check out Lane Bryant. I hope they don't fail me this time.

PS - I hit up two thrift stores later that night. I was able to get some cords and a dressier pair of pants but no jeans. It's slim pickings in the thrift stores too, unless you want to pay $7 for some jeans that had a bleach stain on them.


casacaudill said...

Even if LB was still open you probably wouldn't run into any deals. Over the last year they've drastically increased the price of their jeans to where I won't even pay for them. We went to the OUTLET a couple of months ago and the cheapest pair of non acid-washed jeans was $39, on sale. At the store near my house the jeans start at $59. No thanks, I'll go to the Gap.

laura said...

I haven't found any jeans that fit perfectly for a long time. I wear them when I go out and then change into sweats when I get home. It's a sad state of affairs.