Wednesday, August 26, 2009

Nora's first day at preschool

Nora loved preschool! She has been super excited to go for months and it's how we convinced her to pee on the potty. Which might be a little wrong, but it was the truth. Here she is after her first day.

She's definitely a leader, and did not enjoy following with the rest of the class. Can't say that I blame her - so many cool toys! Handling Nora definitely takes a bit of finesse, and not everyone has that finesse. I usually give her two choices and if she doesn't take one of those, well, she doesn't get either. That has worked great at home, keeping tantrums to a minimum. I can understand how that wouldn't work out so well with a bunch of other students. So, today, I didn't really give her a choice on what I was making for lunch. She ate it, but it's not as if she will not eat what you give her....she's a great eater.

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Anonymous said...

Hmmm ... I know someone who sounds an awful lot like that. Oh wait, that's me. :-)