Tuesday, August 18, 2009

Back to school...

Fall term has started. Busy, busy, busy here.

Today is my super busy day, as I have a class, a small break and then a lab today.

I am taking a Lifetime Fitness class this term. After 13 credits, you don't pay anymore for tuition, only lab fees. For $40, I'll get to work out for the entire term....sounds good to me. Perhaps I can lose some of this baby weight and get back to my cute clothes that I wore after Nora was born. I got rid of all my fat clothes after I lost a bunch of weight after Nora was born. As a result, I now only have a handful of clothes that fit over my boobs and belly. Of those, only like two have no stains. Such is the life of a poor momma, lol. The stains are all from dirty hands and my lovely husband who does not think to check to make sure that stains have come out before he tosses things into the dryer.

I'm excited to go to college this semester. I have a combination of internet courses and on campus, but this will be my first venture to campus on a regular basis, even though I took classes over the summer. But, I feel frumpy. Today I have to go to class for A&P I and lab. I'm excited to start but scared too. Hopefully I will do well!

In other back to school news, Nora starts pre-school at the end of August. Such a big girl!

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