Thursday, July 26, 2012

A little break from school.

I have a small break, just finished my Gero class on Tuesday and we don't go back until Aug 27th (which is the same day the kids start back).  I'm excited to have a few weeks where I can work on some things.  Of course, I have to send the kids to the sitter to get much of anything done because they're evil.  No, they're not evil, they are just kids, who run behind you and dirty as quickly as you try to clean and organize.

Kitchen paint color on the one part I've finished.
I've gotten rid of a ton of kid's clothes and I keep finding more to get rid of.  It feels good to purge some stuff. :) 

Yesterday I cleaned my room that the kids had managed to destroy.  Then I cleaned their rooms, vacuuming and all.  And then I locked Josh's door so he can't get in it.  And wished I could do the same thing with Nora and Charlotte's room.  I also took all the toys on that floor to the attic.  My goal for the weekend is to get the attic bars up and to get a half door made to separate the two areas.  The one area will eventually be storage/my craft space/office.  The other half will be all play room.  I'm thinking the toys from the living room are about to become very scarce as well, which makes me happy.  It's not that I dislike them, I dislike them all over the floor, discarded and forgotten. 

I made a new rule today that I read on the internet, it is "if you're in the same room as I am when I'm working, you need to work as well".  The crayon (yes, Josh) on the door to the basement was cleaned off, as well as smudge prints and Josh also started cleaning off the back door.  I'm thinking this is the best rule ever. :)

I will leave you with a picture.  Just because I know you'll want at least one.

I am going to be sewing some things soon, a bridal shower gift, some kitchen curtains for my house and I'm going to be working on my quilt again.  But, I also need to finish up the kitchen painting.  I feel like we're finally starting to get somewhere though. :)

Sean, Nora and Josh swimming at a party last weekend.


Becky Caudill said...

The kids aren't evil, they are evil geniuses. :-) Devious little buggers too.

Did the lock Alan devised for Josh's door hold up? (Meaning, has Josh found a way to bypass it?) If not, that might be something you could do on the gate. It's not a real lock so you could still get out easily but it might slow him down while he has to go through the motions of undoing it.

Does Josh clean well? We know he loves his wet wipes.

Jennylou's Projects said...

The lock is holding up well. :)

Josh will help wipe the table, walls, etc. Basically, if you give him a wet wipe, he's on it. Asking him to pick up toys? Not so much.