Sunday, July 22, 2012

A few projects that have happened at the new house

We started off with refinishing floors in the dining room and living room for our first project. 
Before - you can see what the area rug had been hiding

During - Sean hard at work

After living room with a preview of the new paint color (the grayish color).  Yes, you can see the different kinds of flooring used (yeah, we know, kind of odd, it threw us for a loop too), but we just haven't bought an area  rug to go over that area yet, but once we do, you won't even know it. :)  The dining room you'll see because (in my opinion) area rugs and small children who throw food on the floor at every meal) do not mix unless you have a dog waiting for the scraps. ;)  When the kids pass that stage in their lives, we'll happily buy another area rug for under the dining room table. :)

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