Friday, May 13, 2011

Weight loss

Due to some allergies that Charlotte has, I've eliminated a lot of food from my diet. It started with just dairy and soy, expanded to wheat and finally to peanuts. And then the big whammy - the TED (total elimination diet) - where I ate chicken, veggies (minus peas) and fruit (minus berries). I did dairy/soy from about the time Charlie was about a month. I did the TED for about three weeks, and last week added beef and tomatoes back. It has been challenging. The upside is that the weight just falls right off. I'm 52 pounds down since I delivered. Here are a few photos I've pulled together.

I wasn't pregnant here, this was summer 2009, at my top weight. I was, however, one pound from this weight while pregnant.

Then in the spring of 2010, I went and lost some weight. I think it was roughly about 10-15 pounds more than today.

Around Christmas, please remember I was pregnant - due 2/2, so pretty far along. But, I put it in so you can see my legs and my arms on the other picture, the sleeves kept bunching up as they'd gotten too tight on my arms.



casacaudill said...

You look fantastic. Congratulations!

Jennylou's Projects said...


I think 10 more pounds and I'll be able to wear a pair of jeans I haven't worn since I took them off when I was about 13 weeks pregnant with Josh. I'm totally looking forward to that day! :)

We're supposed to go and be fitted for our nursing school uniforms in early June, though we can go in July too, they're just having a sale. Anyways, I'm nervous to go and then have them come in during August and be too big. I guess I could have bigger worries. ;)

chacha said...

Good Lord! You look great - that is big difference!

It's definitely motivating when it falls off. I swear I thought it was impossible to drop the 20 I gained since college, but, the reality is it's just annoying work to track it all. It's not impossible. Just a bit of OCD, planning, and logging. :)

I'm sure you'll be happy when they are too big in August. It's only annoying when stuff is too small!

PaceFamilyGirl said...

looking great! Congrats!!

Anonymous said...

You look Great! Keep it up!! What an accomplishment. - JLR on CC