Sunday, April 3, 2011

Bedroom progress

In an effort to get Josh and Nora into the front bedroom, we are doing some freshening up. The room needs new curtains as we've never had more than sheers up (and they've since pulled them down). There are two twin beds, but no headboards for them. So, we went to Home Depot yesterday and bought the wood for these beds, designed by Ana White: We're not doing the headboards for now, just the base of the bed. The plain is to paint them white.

In addition to curtains, I'm thinking new bedding is in order. I wanted some stripes for each of them, like this:, but can't find exactly what I want that isn't super expensive. So, now I'm thinking perhaps a solid color with some throw pillows and different sheets to differentiate between the two. For instance, Josh loves Mickey and Nora is still very much a Dora gal. But, she's also outgrowing Dora, so I wouldn't want to get her Dora bedding (though, she does have some handed down from a cousin). I like to buy bedding that can be used again and again, simply by changing things up. Sort of like this: So, any cute bedrooms that you've seen lately that is for siblings of different genders?

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