Saturday, January 17, 2009

Just a quick update

I haven't posted since shortly before I left for CA and now it's been well over a month. There are a bunch of pictures at the end of this long winded post, if you want to just skip to the pictures. ;) We stayed in CA for a month - well the kids and I did. DH came out for 10 days over Christmas and then came home. Someone has to work afterall. ;)

I've been sewing still - in fact, I got a serger for Christmas from my DH. It was bartered - so it's mil's old machine. It's beautiful. I've been playing with it for the last few days though I haven't really made much with it yet.

It's been super cold here - which is a shock to the system when you spend a month in CA. Especially when the last two or so weeks were warm there. Warm, as in, I was wearing flip flops. Sure, they all thought I was crazy, but I really wasn't! Especially when you consider that when I came home I returned to about a foot of snow. And, it just keeps coming. And then, the blustery 20 some degrees turned to negative temperatures. Yesterday it was like negative 12, with a negative 36 wind chill factor - that's just craziness!

I'm starting to get a bit of cabin fever. Right before I left, my car broke. Again. With a full tank of gas. I should never put a full tank in, that's like giving it an excuse to break. And, what can you ask of a 15 year old car....I guess? The plan is to hopefully get a return this year in our taxes and put that towards a newer vehicle for me. Oh, and the truck will be paid off, so that will be an extra $350 we can save towards a newer vehicle. I'm looking at mini vans. Of course, the Focus gets excellent gas mileage, so perhaps I should stick with a wagon? Of course, I think a mini van is essential - especially if, at some point (like when I can convince DH and Josh is about 2) we think about having another baby. But, I need something that is reliable, that's for sure. Afterall, I could at least be going to the mall play area - the one a bit farther (but way nicer) from our house has a Starbuck's right next to the play area and I have a gift card!

Oh, and my camera is acting up. It won't even turn on, so no pictures for you right now (of my own, I shall steal some from my sister for your viewing pleasure.

My mom and Josh:

Nora passing out gifts on Christmas morning:

Lookee what I got for Christmas!

Nora and I on Christmas morning:

Josh and Daddy:

Aunt Becky and Nora:


Nora at the playground, with appearances by Uncle Alan and Grandma Laura:


Momovthree said...

Thanks so much for visiting me! You are right, etsy is great for aprons. I can't wait for my mom to get her craft room back together (she is painting) so that we can try and make some aprons together. I just love em!

Beautiful pictures, looks like you had a great visit.

chacha said...

Whereabouts in California were you?

Just curious if maybe you were down in in Southern California...

Jennylou's Projects said...

chacha - we were actually in both Southern and Northern CA. My sister is in Oakland and the rest of the family is down south. We spent a week in the LA area and then spent a week in Oakland, then we were back down to LA for another two weeks. Well, that was for the kids and I - DH came out but only stayed a few days in LA and then flew out of Oakland since he had to return to work. :)

laura said...

We had such a nice time! Mom