Friday, October 10, 2008

It's been awhile...

On September 13, we welcomed a baby boy into our family. Joshua Edward is a pretty easy going baby. In comparing him to Nora, they are night and day different so far - Nora was quite colicky. Nora is adjusting to being a big sister and having to share her brother with mommy and daddy.

So, that likely explains my absence to you. Here's a little crayon roll for a special little girl who just turned four. Please note that the reason there are crayons missing is because I ran out of them. Rather than risk forgetting to take a picture after they are filled in, I took a picture before hand. The little girl will also get a few coloring books to go along with the crayon roll.

This was scrap fabric - Becky may take notice of the contrasting fabric on the inside - after all, I believe that came from a shirt (or was it a dress) that I made for her. :)

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