Thursday, December 27, 2007

A homemade Christmas - the results

I got tons of compliments and good feedback on all that I had made for Christmas. :)

My sil even asked me how much I would charge for the crayon roll that I made for her DD! So, I guess she must have really liked it. It was actually the first one I made and was super easy - too bad that I forgot (duh!) to take pictures of the last few things that I made before wrapping them up.

If I ask my other sil, I'm sure she'd take a picture of the reversible placemats that I made for her - they reverse from snowmen to fall leaves.

I can't wait to make up a few more placemats for my house. Also on my list is a nice apron for me, one for my sister. And of course, a crayon roll for DD. Oh, and a poncho for her so that she can wear it while in her car seat, unlike a coat. :)

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