Saturday, December 1, 2007

Christmas - Sewing projects

I've been itching to make something new - and to sew - for a few weeks now. I've set up a decent little (but very cold) area in the basement for all my sewing. So, tonight, I went to JoAnn Fabric and bought some cool fabric and some bias tape to make some pot holders.

I started out okay, but when it was time to attach the plain reddish bias tape, I realized that I didn't buy the bigger bias tape, which I really needed. Sucky. So, I decided I'd just make my own out of the fabric that I was using anyways. This would have worked out okay, except for the fact that I couldn't find my iron. So, alas, it looks a bit wonky. I love, love, love the fabrics though. And, I've got plenty more of each fabric to make more. I'll likely give someone a set for Christmas and keep the rest for me. :) And, I'll keep the wonky one, despite my hubby urging me to give that one away. ;)

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