Friday, December 31, 2010

A quick year in review - projects

I've seen a number of these types of posts floating around and I thought that I would go ahead and compile my own. I've been busy with school and with a lactation mentorship, so my sewing was scattered and not at all regular.

Pink, black and white apron. Became part of my sister's Christmas gift. :)

Black, red and white apron. I think this is my favorite apron from the whole year. And it sold. :)

Steeler apron #1 - My sister snagged this one from me for a gift. Hopefully the gift recipient likes it. She's a huge Steeler's fan, so she just might. ;)

Steeler's apron number 2. This one will be on it's way soon to the intended gift recipient. I'm just bad with the mail.

Another of my faves. It didn't sell, so I kept this one for myself. Because we all need a cute apron (or eight). ;)

Apron for the Christmas flirty apron swap.

One of two identical aprons. One went to my mom for Christmas, the other one is still here. I'll keep it on hand for a quick gift.

The couch recover. I've since washed the cushion covers and as predicted, they shrunk, so they fit much better. It's slightly concerning that I prepped the fabric and it still shrinks every single time in the wash because I don't know how long they'll last at this rate. After all, I've got young kids, making washing often necessary!

I did start and not finish a number of crochet projects. I need to get back into that - as I'd like to make the newest little one on the way a blanket. Plus, I'm teaching myself to knit. So far, I like it, but I can see me tossing it to the side because right now I'm just practicing - not really making anything. I could make so much more with crocheting and the time spent. I have a scarf for DD almost done but ran out of yarn, went to a different JoAnn's and they were out of that color, so I need to go back and get some of that yarn yet. Also, I made a cowl for my sister for Christmas. I didn't take a picture of it, but my sister snapped one of her husband in it. It's very warm and fluffy.

All in all, a light year in terms of craftiness. Maybe 2011 will be better. I'm almost hoping it won't - as I'm hoping to finally start nursing clinicals in the fall. But, maybe I'll have some time between now and then, you know, despite being about to welcome another newborn home. :)

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