Saturday, December 12, 2009

Fabric and my completed swap apron

Nora and I headed to the JoAnn Fabrics again today. Sean thinks she makes a great shopping partner, but I'm not sure how much I believe that. :p She is cute and talks about all the things that she wants to make, but it's harder to shop with her. :) She's decided that she's asking Santa for a sewing machine for Christmas. Now, before you all worry, it's a)cheap and b)somewhat childproof. It does say for kids six and up, but I'm considering getting my 3.5 year old the machine. I know, I know, but I want to instill the love early! Despite having a step mom who sewed, I did not begin to sew until I was a senior in high school - when I took a sewing class! The lovely Mrs Stoner gets all the credit for teaching me to sew. :)

Looking at the ad on joann's site, I now see that it says not for under three, though the box still says 6+. So, at least if I get it, we'll only be breaking one rule. ;) If I waited until she was six, I'd probably just get her a regular machine, but since she's so young, I figure this is a good start. Plus, I must admit that I'm in love with the fact that it has a cover for the needle - no oopsie accidents!

Okay, so fabric:

for a Christmas apron:

stupid shadow. this is really pretty though:

the shadows make this look more red, but it's more purples with lighter pink flowers.

And finally, an apron that I made for the latest swap that I participated in:

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Kimberly Cherrine-bell said...

Thank you so much for my apron swap apron .......I love love love it. And all the goodies were quite fun too...I have participated in several swaps this season and have been flaked on by most of them, so thank you for being honest and keeping your word, It really does mean as much or even more than the lovely item you made for me.....Thank you and have a very blessed Merry Christmas.