Monday, February 2, 2009

Snap pliers and the kids

The week before Sean got laid off, I ordered a pair of snap pliers - lookee the package that I got! Looks like I'll be a snapping fool soon. :)

Josh got his first hair cut this weekend - and, yes, I did it. I took a little off the back and around his ears.

Finally, Nora. LOL, Josh and I were out and about most of the day. When I got home, she was napping. I got her out of bed and this is what she was wearing. Guess this is what happens when you spend the day with Daddy. And, while you might not think this is such an odd look if you live in say, California or Texas, this is quite the outfit today in the Cleveland area since Buckeye Chuck saw his shadow today. ;) Doesn't she look cute, lol, with her wild hair and all. ;) Ignore the fact that the baseboards are missing. They another incomplete, er work in progress out in the garage. I think they've been completely sanded and primed - I should add those to the honeydo list that I have posted on the fridge. All items are things that Sean can do while he's laid off that do not require any materials - since we've already bought the materials for these projects.


casacaudill said...

That is such a cute picture of Josh - he looks so happy. :-)

Nora looks like an adorable, wild banshee. Did we get her that shirt?

Jennylou's Projects said...

Yes, you did get her that shirt. That's her "I do all my own stunts" shirt. And yes, it still fits a year plus later. :)

laura said...

Love the Josh's hair and Nora looks as adorable as ever. Mom